Ludwigshaven am Rhein


Ludwigshafen am Rhein, is a city in Rhineland-Palatine, Germany, is more of a place to relax than to work.

A little History:

Even though it might not seem so but Ludwigshafen is a city with quite a rich history.

In 1808, during the French occupation, Carl Hornig of Mannheim acquired the fortress from the French authorities and converted it into a way station for passing river traffic. Later, the Rheinschanze with its winter proof harbor basin was utilized as a trading post. Hornig died in 1819, but Johann Heinrich Scharpff, a businessman from Speyer, continued Hornig’s plans, which were then handed over to his son-in-law, Philipp Markus Lichtenberger, in 1830. Their deeds marked the commencement of the civilian use of the Rheinschanze.

During the failed German revolution of 1848 rebels captured Ludwigshafen, but they were bombarded from Mannheim and Prussian troops quickly expelled the revolutionaries. On December 27, 1852, King Maximilian II granted Ludwigshafen am Rhein political freedom and as of the 8th of November, 1859, the settlement finally expanded its status to city.

The Many Attractions:

Apart from having a rich history and beautiful museums to visit Ludwigshafen has many other specialties and attractions for almost everyone. If you are visiting on a budget there are many low price restaurants and hotels for you to stay in.

Cheap eats:

There are plenty of restaurants that serve all sorts of food. They are cheaper than many fancy restaurants and hotels but are no less in taste and quality. These include Asia Food ICHII and La Torre Da Angelo which have been ranked as 4star.

Hotels to stay in:

If you are backpacking through Europe, this is one city you do not want to miss. It has mountains and the wilderness to enjoy camping and even luxurious hotels to stay in.

  • Rene Bohn is one hotel that you and your family will fancy. It has a terrace and a garden and not to mention the free WiFi access. This has been ranked a 4star hotel.

  • Budget hotel Ludwigshafen is only 1.2 miles from Feierabendhaus. This is perfect if you want to go camping. Budget hotel is also inexpensive.

The Castle of Mad King Ludwig II:

The castle of Mad King Ludwig is a must visit if you are ever in Ludwigshafen. As the glorious and romantic mountains borderlands of southern Bavaria are one of Germany’s bets attractions.

Some interesting facts about Ludwigshafen:

  • The Wilhelm Hack Museum, which skins the well-known ceramic mosaic wall by Miró and well in additional of 9,000 other artworks. All of which are internationally acclaimed.

  • Ludwigshafen is known for far more than its chemicals industry and has become an easy-going, friendly city with a positive attitude to life and not to mention its passion for the arts.

  • It also has a vibrant culinary scene, which is centered on the oldest district of Ludwigshafen, Hemshof.

  • The Rhein-Galerie mall with its 130 or so shops and restaurants and a haven of tranquillity can be found under the tall plane trees on centrally located Ludwigsplatz square.

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